Why Yoga therapy?



What is yoga therapy?

Yoga is a science and philosophy that teaches practices to live life in a way that brings into union the mind, body, and soul to bring the practitioner (student, client) to realize their true Self.

Yoga therapy is a holistic and integrative approach to healing and wellness. It is a system of investigation, transformation, and self-realization that works with the client to guide them into gaining awareness, insight, and integration of their thoughts, beliefs, actions, and desires. Specific asanas (poses), pranayama practices (breath work), meditations and relaxation techniques, as well as energy work are explored, taught, and practiced in sessions to suit the needs of the client in healing on all levels. 


In our work together, I will utilize a blend of Eastern and Western philosophies and wellness practices that work with the psyche, the body, and energy.

What does Yoga Therapy Treat?

Yoga therapy has been shown to be extremely effective for reducing anxiety, depression, and stress as well as working with PTSD and trauma. Yoga therapy is also a great resource for those struggling with self-esteem, body image issues, and substance abuse as well as those wanting to build physical strength, increase energy, and implement a healthier lifestyle. The aim of yoga therapy is to bring the client into alignment with their true self.